Saturday, 24 October 2015

Book Recommendations

I love to read, but it's been a long while since I read a book that I absolutely loved. The last book that captivated me was Twice Born by Margaret Mazzantini. I read it at the end of my pregnancy with Paloma and although it was well written, I think part of the reason I loved it so much is because infertility was a large part of the story and I remember feeling like the writer really captured the emotions of those struggles. I'm currently reading another of Mazzantini's books and it's not all that great.

I am looking for recommendations of great books. I'm travelling soon and am hoping to have a few good books to read on the plane. What was the last great book you read?

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Home Pregnancy Test at 12dpo

I did a pregnancy test last month. I knew I wasn't pregnant, but I was hoping for a happy surprise. My RE put me on progesterone suppositories because she suspected a luteal phase defect was the reason for the previous month's chemical pregnancy. I hadn't gotten my period (due to the progesterone) and was hoping the real reason it hadn't come was because I was pregnant. Even though all my instincts were telling me I wasn't. I had a bad feeling about the cycle from the get go. I thought I should take a month off after the chemical, but since my clinic never mentioned anything about taking a break, I went for it. I wasn't surprised in the least when I saw only one line on the stick. I've only ever seen one line. I swore I'd never pee on another stick again. I thought they were bad luck for me.

But I bought a package of two last month and the one left over was constantly on my mind as my two week wait was getting close to being over. I told myself I wouldn't use it, but yesterday afternoon at 12dpo and after drinking a tonne of water and tea that morning, I came home for lunch to let my dogs out, grabbed the stick from the medicine cabinet and used it. I told myself if it came back negative, I'd still be in the game because of all the fluids I'd had that morning and because I was testing a couple days early and in the afternoon. Except it didn't come back negative. It was positive. The plus sign showed up immediately. I didn't even have to do that thing where you hold the stick up to the light to try to find the faintest of second lines. It was just there. Positive.

I was equally blown away and cautiously happy. I want to chill on my excitement until I see my RE and get confirmation that things are looking good. I'm doing my beta tomorrow and then the clinic will schedule an ultrasound. If everything looks good, they'll release me to my family doctor. I already put my name on the waitlist for midwifery care, as I've heard the list is quite long now. The Ministry has funding for 5 midwives, but currently only 3 of the positions are filled. The midwife I had with Paloma is one of the ones who left. It felt incredibly weird to be putting my name on the wait list for a baby that I haven't even confirmed with my clinic, but if the worst happens, I am absolutely sure I wouldn't be the first woman to have to call and tell them to remove my name from the wait list.

If all goes well, baby #2 will be arriving at the end of June. A great time to have a baby, I think. So far, no morning sickness (I didn't have any with Paloma either). The only pregnancy signs I've experienced are fatigue, hot flashes, increased discharge, gas and brain drain. I think the fatigue and brain drain were just as much caused by low iron as pregnancy. I'm back on my liquid iron and am feeling much better. I've also started back on my exercise routine as I think it was a main reason my pregnancy went smoothly with Paloma.

Life is still crazy busy. Our house sold and we bought a new one. We're moving November 9th. I'm off to Honduras on November 16th for 10 days. But after that, I hope to be able to blog more often. I promise to update once I know more about this pregnancy.
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