Sunday, 24 July 2016

Chickadee's Birth Part 1

My little chickadee was born on July 5th at 1:37 p.m. She was lazy to get labour started, but once contractions started, she wasted no time! I felt the first little twinge of a contraction at 12:00 and she was out an hour and a half later after only 5 urges to push! The labour and birth experience was nothing like Paloma's and nothing like what I expected.

I had been planning a home birth and the birth pool was set up for a couple weeks, just waiting. All the supplies were ready. A dozen towels, a dozen receiving blankets, paper towels and other odds and ends. The mini fridge downstairs was plugged in and stocked with cold drinks and snacks. For at least a week, I'd been feeling baby start to press down on my cervix and I'd feel some twinges and think "this is it for sure" only to have her stop after 10 minutes or so and go back to feeling normal. For a few weeks I'd go to bed wondering if I'd wake up in the middle of the night in labour (as I had with Paloma). After the month of June ended and I had no daycare arranged for Paloma, I started to worry about what I'd do with her while I was in labour. (Her daycare ended up taking her for free on that day)  My doula was away until July 3rd and we joked about me waiting to go into labour when she got back. I never thought that would really happen when she left on June 24th.

I went in for a midwife appointment on Monday morning and after checking me she said I was already 4cm dilated and had a "bulging bag of water". I also found out that my regular midwife was away on vacation and the new midwife would be delivering me. An ultrasound was scheduled for the following morning, just as a check up since I was 10 days overdue. After leaving the office, my waters broke at home at 10:30 a.m. It was a steady leak and I called the midwife office to let them know. They thought I'd go into labour naturally within 24 hours but advised me that after 24 hours, a home birth was no longer advised. I was home with Paloma and we went on with our day as usual. We didn't leave the house, but we played outside in the yard a lot. I was feeling completely fine with no pain whatsoever - just the regular discomfort that comes with the last few weeks of pregnancy. I noticed, however, that baby wasn't really moving. I went inside and had some ice cream which usually got her going, but still nothing. I was concerned but put it out of my mind as I figured labour was imminent. When I woke up the following morning still feeling fine - and baby still not moving much - I was worried. I decided then that I really wanted to be induced.

We called Paloma's daycare and let them know we'd be dropping her off. I packed my hospital bag and left for the ultrasound. I called the midwife to let her know I'd be heading to hospital for an induction after the ultrasound. When she told me that wasn't possible unless the ultrasound revealed something that indicated an induction, I got pretty upset. She said she could put my name on the list for induction but the hospital then triages the list and calls me when it's my turn.

I went in for the ultrasound and wasn't looking at the screen as we still didn't know the baby's sex and I sure as hell didn't want to find out then after waiting 41.5 weeks for the surprise. Andino and Paloma were in the room too and after a little while, the ultrasound tech asked me if baby had been sluggish. At that point I choked up and asked Andino to take Paloma out of the room because I didn't want her to see me upset. After they left, I told the ultrasound tech the whole story and how I felt that the midwife didn't really believe me that the baby wasn't moving. She went and got me some water and the baby still didn't react. At that point she brought in the Doctor and he said they weren't seeing what they wanted to see and I would be heading straight to the Labour & Delivery Unit for an induction. I was so relieved (and surprisingly not overly worried about baby. My intuition told me she'd be fine.) Up until that point I'd been really nervous about being induced but when the time came, I knew it was the right thing to do.

Part 2 will be written as soon as possible about what happened once I got to hospital

Monday, 4 July 2016


41 weeks + 2 days today. Come on baby, what are you waiting for? It's looking increasingly likely that my hippie home birth will not be possible and instead I'll be hooked up to oxytocin in hospital. I am so scared of the intensity of induced contractions! Will I be able to do it without an epidural like last time? I didn't realise how lucky I was that Paloma came on her due date...

I have another midwife appointment this morning for my 4th stretch and sweep and an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to check if everything is still okay. I've been 2cm and 50% effaced for weeks. I've tried EVERYTHING to get things moving but not even one contraction. The whole house came down with the flu when I was 40 weeks. I was scared to go into labour so dehydrated so I popped into hospital one morning for an iv just in case. We're all better now,  just waiting for baby.

Paloma finished daycare in July. It never even crossed my mind that baby might not be here when she finished. Now we have to figure out what to do with her if I go into labour during the day as my sister in law doesn't think she can leave work. Andino is going to talk to daycare about taking her for 1 day if need be. Fingers crossed.

I've been googling like crazy trying to find out why labour hasn't started and if there's anything I can do, but no new information can be found. Please send labour vibes my way and/or positive stories.

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