Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Chickadee's Birth Part 2

If you missed Part 1 it's here.

So after leaving the ultrasound, we popped home quickly to move some clothes from the washer to dryer and let the dogs out for a pee. We were only home for about 10 minutes because we were anxious not to waste time. We were hoping to be able to have the baby before Paloma's daycare closed as we knew she'd be freaked out if someone else was picking her up. We went straight to the daycare and when I was carrying her in, some of the teachers were surprised I was still feeling so good right up until heading to the hospital. They asked "aren't you on your way to have a baby? How are you carrying her right now?" 

We arrived at the hospital around 10 and were greeted by the Charge Nurse who was expecing us. We were happy to see she was on duty as she also attended Paloma's birth. She said she remembered us, but who knows. We were immediately given a room in Labour & Delivery. It had no windows and I was disappointed because last time we had a beautiful, bright room. My doula texted and asked when I'd like her to come and I said as soon as possible. I was hooked up to the external monitors for half an hour just to confirm baby was healthy enough for a vaginal delivery. I felt her move more in that half hour than I had in the previous 24. I was so relieved because I was definitely hoping to avoid a c-section recovery while caring for my 2 kids. While they were monitoring me, they asked if I was okay with a practicum student attending my birth and inserting the IV. I said I was, so while I was being monitored, a student nurse inserted my IV. It was her first time and it took her a couple tries and she got a spurt of blood on her scrubs, but she managed to get it in without too much pain. I laughed with the teacher nurse when the student was diligently wiping all the blood off my hand from the IV mishap. I told her I wasn't concerned about a few tablespoons of blood considering what was about to come.

When I got the go ahead to start the Pitocin I was nervous. I'd read so many stories about intense pain from the get go. I was expecting the labour to go fast, and we were making bets on birth time. It was 10:30 am when they started the Pitocin and I guessed 2:00, Andino guessed 3:00 and my doula guessed 7:00 at night. For the next hour the three of us just chatted and I felt no pain. I was getting regular tightenings of my belly as I had been for weeks, but no pain whatsoever. The midwives had another 2 women in labour and I know they were busy, but they spent hardly any time in my room with me at all. They came in around noon and said they were going for lunch. My doula asked if they'd be doing an internal exam before leaving (considering I was already 4 cm the day before) but they said it wasn't necessary. I told them I was started to get some pain in my cervix like contractions but they were mild. 

For the next hour and a half, my doula and Andino were amazing. They really supported me during labour and made the experience the best it possibly could have been considering the circumstances. I was hooked up to the monitors the whole time and constricted to a 2 foot radius of my bed, but I was able to sit on the birthing ball, Andino gave me lots of water, they gave me back rubs and I really just felt supported. 

At no point during the hour and a half of labour did I see a midwife. About 10 minutes before chickadee was born and I was feeling the urge to push, one of the young nurses did an internal exam and said I was 6 cm. I was so confused as to how I could only be 6 when I was already pushing and at that point I started to feel overwhelmed with the experience. I couldn't stop myself from pushing and they called the charge nurse to come into my room. I felt so relieved when she came in and the other nurses told her the midwives weren't around and she said "We aren't waiting for them, this baby is coming now" She totally took control of the situation and had an assertive tone of voice which is exactly what I needed in that room full of new/student nurses. I remember her saying "open her legs, we aren't getting the baby out with them closed!" I turned on my side and just focused on her instructions as I was pushing. 

When I had Paloma, there were clearly defined times when I wanted to push and to rest. This time, I pushed hard during contractions, but then I felt confused and was also pushing between contractions too, which is probably why she came so fast. I remember my doula saying "are you having a contraction right now?" as I was pushing between contractions and me saying "ahhh maybe not..." and stopped pushing. It was just such a completely different experience this time. I know every labour & delivery is different and  I was expecting that, but I guess I wasn't expecting it to be as different as she was. 

Little chickadee came out and was put on my belly. She had a short cord (as did Paloma) so I couldn't really see her face for a few minutes until after the cord was cut. I was still feeling overwhelmed with the fact that she was actually out for a few hours after her birth. I held her for quite a while, the midwives (who finally arrived just in time to stitch me up) did her newborn check, the student nurse filled up the tub for me to take a bath and helped me get cleaned up and into my lovely mesh panties afterwards. Andino headed to pick Paloma up from daycare at 2:30, an hour after she was born. My doula went to grab me something to eat (I was starving!) and I asked her to hold chickadee until after Paloma got there, so that when she walked into the room, she wouldn't see Mommy holding the baby and could come right to me. 

We did some paperwork and were discharged from the hospital at 4:30, only 3 hours after she was born. We stopped on the way home from the hospital for bubble tea which totally hit the spot. It was so nice to be able to have an early discharge, considering we weren't able to have the home birth. It's just so much more relaxing in the comfort of your home.

*(I don't have time to proof read this, so hopefully it reads okay)

Some photos:


  1. Wow, what an experience. I'm glad Chickadee arrived safely and that you were able to preserve some of the birth experience you wanted. I'm always amazed, though, at the birth stories where the midwives/doctors miss the quiet patients. At least your charge nurse took charge.

    Welcome to the world, little one!

  2. Wow-you are one strong Mama!! What a wonderful labour it sounds like you had. I am really amazed at how hands-off things seem over there...and going home after just 3 hours?!?! It's definitely different here in the US, that's for sure!
    You got some beautiful pictures! She is so gorgeous and look at all her hair. You look like a goddess in these photos...seriously. How lucky you had such an easy time!
    How big was she? How does she compare to Paloma in size and looks and personality so far??
    So, so happy for you!!

  3. What an awesome birth story and I looove the photos. Funny, when I think of my birth experience and others I've read for a first baby, they all have a "time and life stood still" quality. In your story birth happens in the middle of a busy life and then you're right back home. So glad you had great support and now can enjoy your family!!

  4. Ahhhh! Love these photos! That's an amazing birth story. And going home after 3 hours?? Wow! I think it's a great idea. If I was perfectly healthy after my delivery and could go home that night, I think of how much better of sleep I would get in my own bed even with her waking every two hours. Congratulations Mama! She's beautiful!

  5. You are so beautiful and have such a gorgeous family. I love that picture of you holding both your baby girls. A M A Z I N G that you went home just 3 short hours after she was born! I'm so glad you got to do that. I admire your positivity so much.

  6. Sounds like you had a great birthing experience, despite being induced, and the midwives not being around a lot. You rocked it!

    Fantastic photos!

    I'd love to see someone's reaction when you went for bubble tea, if they asked how old your baby is. Oh, she's three hours old. Lol

  7. congratulations birth to a baby angel. Wish your family happy and happy. thank you

  8. Congratulations! I'm glad it all went well.
    Love the photo where Paloma looks at her new sister with this skeptical look on her face ;)


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