Sunday, 20 November 2016

Find me On Facebook

Friends, it's become obvious that I'm not updating this blog as much as I'd like to. Please find me on FB and let's stay in touch. I think I've already added most of my blog friends, but if I've missed you, please reach out. You were all a source of major support over the years and I'd love to keep in touch.

Life with 2 is WAY easier than I anticipated. My Mom was chatting with a couple of my friends a while back (all of whom have 3 kids each) about which number was the biggest shock. Some said #2, others said #3 but for me it was #1. With Paloma, I'm learning how to handle each stage as it comes, but with chickadee I'm always thinking "Oh it's no big deal, I've been hear before, this too shall pass..." I was already knee-deep in Motherhood when Chickadee entered our family so I just keep on going with her, but of course with Paloma, it was a big learning curve.

I don't want to give the image like my life is a breeze, because we definitely have our bad days, but even with those, I'm learning to let bygones be bygones and move on. I still call my parents all the time for advice, because they always help steer me in the right direction and/or put a new spin on the way I'm looking at the situation. My challenges are almost always a result of the terrible twos (or as my neighbour nicely put it - the tenacious twos) and not because I have more than 1 kid. I totally understood before Chickadee came along that as the second child, there were going to be times where she'd have to wait for my attention because I was busy with Paloma. I make myself feel better by saying that every second child around the world must experience the same.

In other exciting news:

  • Andino and I have decided we want to continue to expand our family. I still want 4. He says he'll evaluate after #3 comes along. When I tell people I want more, the reaction is definitely not the same as when you tell people you want a second. As much as I want to be that person who doesn't care what people think (and I'm slowly getting there) I always feel a little disheartened when the reaction is "oh my God you're crazy!" as opposed to "oh how exciting!" I love the 2 year age gap and hopefully will be able to do the same thing next time. (Oh my God my work is going to kill me...)

  • I've offered to donate my eggs to a woman I was put in touch with through the music scene my husband is a part of. He has a song about our experience with infertility and always talks about the meaning before playing it. Someone heard him and reached out after the show. It's all super early stages right now but I'm really hopeful I'll be able to help. I will hopefully blog about that when/if the time comes. 

That's all the updates I have time for now. I look forward to connecting with you all on FB!

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